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Shop the same brands and products your stylist uses with Beauty Connection. Beauty Connection is your online resource to restock or add new brands to your hair care collection, all while giving credit back to your stylist! That means shopping when and where you want. We're introducing this new avenue as a long-term solution to provide easier access to better hair, without having to leave the safety of your home.

To shop on Beauty Connection, enter the Activation Code obtained from your stylist and salon. Once you register, get access to all brands from SALON ONLY SALES (even ones that the salon doesn't carry). Your purchase directly benefits the participating salon and stylist, as if you were purchasing the product from their physical salon. Place the order and ship the products straight to your door for professional hair products without the hassle.


If you've never purchased hair products from the salon, we're here to make the process more transparent. The difference between drug store products and professional beauty products is quality. Salon products contain less filler and higher concentrations of quality ingredients. That means that hair not only feels good on the outside but is healing from within.

Because of the difference in quality, your salon has a partnership with a beauty distributor - SALON ONLY SALES - to get access to multiple, professional brands that sell reliable, top-shelf professional products. Now we're opening up that access to salon clients.

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                              *Only clients of Davines accounts will be able to purchase Davines products.